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I am the author of five novels and numerous short stories, essays and reviews. My second novel, Spontaneous, won the 2001 USA PEN West Award for Fiction.

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My First Y.A.!

EXTRAORDINARY OCTOBER will be out in... October, 2016!

Fairy Godmother Helena Bonham Carter
EXTRAORDINARY OCTOBER is about a fairy. But there is no fairy godmother. And anyway, much as I love Helena Bonham Carter, this was a terrible movie.

My book is about an ordinary girl, October Fetterhoff, who discovers some pretty extraordinary things about herself and the people she loves.

It was an idea thought up by my daughter (who is not ordinary at all!) back when she was just starting high school. Took me a long time to write. Writing for young adults is harder than it looks.

It's also about trolls. But not this kind.

Keep watching here for news about EXTRAORDINARY OCTOBER.

There will be videos and a giveaway. I know, I know, we have months to wait, but I'm excited.

In stores now.

The jacket copy:

Best-selling and critically acclaimed author Diana Wagman brings us another suspenseful tale about a woman facing death. Fiona's marriage is crumbling, and she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Caught up in a wave of memories as she faces her own mortality, Fiona recalls the five previous times in her life that she nearly died, including a fateful boat trip thirty years ago with her former boyfriend, Luc. She flees her life, struggling marriage, and cancer treatment to rendezvous with Luc, in the process reliving the harrowing boat trip the two of them shared three decades earlier, which permanently altered their lives. Now that Fiona desperately needs Luc to save her, will he be the man she remembers? Or will she discover heartbreak again?

An adventurous, emotionally complex tale inspired by Diana Wagman's own experience at sea, Life #6 explores the folly of youth, what happens to us when we're pushed to the brink, the regrets of love lost, and what it really means to love, as well as the many ways we die and are renewed throughout our lives.

Selected Work

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